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Summer update:

The time has come round again when it is time for an update of my car. I have updated the car to be a Vauxhall Corsa as pictured above. Test updates from 2019: 24 tests taken so far, 17 passes. A big congratulations to everyone who has passed their test.

Christmas update 2018

I’d first of all like to wish all pupils past and present a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The updated driving test (now 1 year old) has been a big change but now 81% of drivers believe they are now better prepared for real life situations as a result. This past year has been another successful one with 57 people have gone to test and between us we have managed a pass rate at 75% which is the best year in the last 4!

Pictured is Nicole Taylor who recently passed her driving test. Congratulations to Nicole and everyone who has passed their test this year.

Learner Motorway Driving!

Great news! As of the 4th of June, Learner Drivers will now be allowed to have lessons on the motorways for the first time! Currently only those who have passed their test can drive on the motorway. Lessons must be in a Dual-Control car and with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). These lessons are not compulsory, but will no doubt be very useful to developing experience on the country’s quickest roads.

Aside from motorway driving, we have had a successful transition to the new driving test – currently the pass rate this year is 68%! Recently Ellen passed her test with Johns! Congratulations to Ellen and everyone that has passed their tests this year!

Christmas Update 2017:

I’d first of all like to wish all pupils past and present a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2017 was another great year for us. 58 pupils went to test and we achieved a 73% pass rate for the year, considerably up on the National average (43%) and the Southport average (49%).

Pictured is Ellie Norris who recently passed her Driving Test. A huge congratulations to Ellie and everyone who passed their test this year. Looking forward to getting into 2018 and the new Driving Test.

New test, new car!

Following on from the update of the driving test, it became necessary that my car had to also be updated. With the new test now involving a sat-nav, my new car now has an inbuilt sat-nav to ensure everyone gets the practice they need to pass their drivingtest.


Currently this year the pass rate is running at 70% for the year. A huge congratulations to everyone who has passed their tests this year. Recently Tom Cupit passed his driving test with a perfect score of 0 driving faults! Well done Tom!

Driving Test Modernisation

From December 4th the practical driving test is being updated to include more modern day requirements. So what does this mean? Here is a summary of the changes:

1) Increasing the duration of the independent drive from 10 to 20 minutes.

2) Manoeuvres such as reversing around a corner replaced with more common manoeuvres such as driving into a bay.

3) Following a Sat-Nav as well as following road signs.

4) Asking vehicle safety questions while the candidate is driving. This could be asking the candidate to control the wipers or the heated windscreens. 

For more information on this don’t hesitate to ask me, or check out the link on the DSA website as below:

New drivers now only one text away from a ban.

From March the 1st the penalty for being caught on your phone has been increased to an instant £200 fine and 6 points on your license. This would mean for a newly qualified driver (within 2 years of passing their test) using your phone at the wheel will result in their license being revoked. Provisional license holders are also subject to the same rule.It’s important to leave your phone out of sight whilst driving – out of sight, out of mind.

In other news it has been a great start to the year for Johns. So far we have had 9 passes this year, all great drives – congratulations! Pictured above is Dominic who passed his test first time. Dominic is seen holding his driving test certificate and he is also holding his progress pack which all my pupils receive when they start lessons.

Christmas update 2016

First of all I’d like to wish all pupils past and present a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

This past year was again a successful one for us. Out of 54 pupils taken to test 73% passed. Not only is this above the national average, but we also beat my pass rate in 2015 by 3%!

The above picture is of Alex Davenport who passed this year with Johns. A big congratulations to Alex and all who have passed this year! Here’s to an even better 2017…

Summer update:

We have had another scorching summer at Johns once again. In the period
of July and August we achieved a pass rate of 82%, with the yearly pass
rate at 69%. Congratulations to all who have passed this year!

A quick note as we head into Winter – please take 5 mins to ensure all
your cars are winter ready as we all know how unpredictable the weather
can be!!!

Below is a picture Louise Stringfellow who passed recently with Johns.

Instructor test passed!

For once it was me taking the test! It is necessary that myself and other approved driving instructors are tested every so often to ensure our lessons are up to date and appropriate. Recently however, the test has changed and so when previously the instructor was graded between 1-6 on the quality of the lesson delivered, now the instructor is graded either an A, B or fail.

I undertook my test in this past week and I am pleased to say I scored 48/51, which equates to a strong A score. A big thanks to Jessica Leatherbarrow for her help in my test! I am now thankful to say, because of my high score, I am now approved for the next 4 years without needing another test.

Now less about me, this years pass rate is at 60% which is still above the Southport average. A huge congratulations to those who have passed.

Here is to the next 4 years!!!