Instructor test passed!

For once it was me taking the test! It is necessary that myself and other approved driving instructors are tested every so often to ensure our lessons are up to date and appropriate. Recently however, the test has changed and so when previously the instructor was graded between 1-6 on the quality of the lesson delivered, now the instructor is graded either an A, B or fail.

I undertook my test in this past week and I am pleased to say I scored 48/51, which equates to a strong A score. A big thanks to Jessica Leatherbarrow for her help in my test! I am now thankful to say, because of my high score, I am now approved for the next 4 years without needing another test.

Now less about me, this years pass rate is at 60% which is still above the Southport average. A huge congratulations to those who have passed.

Here is to the next 4 years!!!

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